Close Protection

Level 3 SIA Close Protection Course

Our Level 3 SIA Close Protection course consists of 140 hours of guided learning over 15 days.

On completing the Level 3 SIA Close Protection course, along with a valid First Aid in the Workplace certificate, you will be able to apply for your Front Line SIA Close Protection Licence.

What does the course cover?

Within the course syllabus the Training Team help to “de-mystify” Close Protection and teach you what you really need to know to be able to work as a professional Close Protection Officer within the industry.

Our standards and reputation are high within in the Security Industry and we will assist you to reach the required level of competence to be able to comfortably fit into an operational team.

The Surveillance module of the course will give you the skills and knowledge to be able to venture into the World of Surveillance. The SIA will soon require Surveillance Operatives to hold a Front Line Close Protection Licence and a Private Investigators Licence. As a follow on The Training Circle run Level 3 Surveillance Operative and Level 4 Surveillance Manager Courses.

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Close Protection

The course develops team work and covers, but is not limited to, the following learning areas:

  • Security Industry Legislation
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Team Members
  • Interpersonal Skills required in Close Protection
  • Threat and Risk Assessment and Management
  • Situational Awareness
  • Reconnaissance, Route Recce and Report Writing
  • Venue Based Security, Residential Security Team, Security Advance Party and Security Audits
  • Operational Planning
  • Practical Surveillance and Surveillance Planning and Appreciation
  • Communication and Conflict Management skills
  • Search Techniques
  • Vehicle and Body Protection Drills and Formations
  • Industry Related Physical Intervention and Protection
  • Real Time Close Protection Final Exercise

The learning development route is flexible and inclusive and will generally take the following format:

Practical guided learning and assessment – 15 days of practical application of the Security and Close Protection course with some prior distance learning.

The student will be required to complete a workbook portfolio during the course. During the 15 days we will test and confirm the individual’s learned knowledge, which will culminate in a real time final exercise and multiple-choice as well as written exams.

Practical Assessment

A written test, set and marked by IQ
Practical tasks, assessed internally

If you have a criminal record, it does not necessarily mean that you will not get a licence. The SIA will make their decision according to:

  • Whether they consider your offences relevant to the industry
  • The actual sentence or disposal given to you for the offence
  • How recent the offences were.

The course is 140 hours carried out over 15 days of training