What do you need to do after you pass your SIA training?

Completing SIA training opens the doors for numerous employment opportunities. You now have the skillset to work legally as a security guard or door supervisor or CCTV operative in a thriving industry, allowing you many possibilities and different directions you can go in. But you need to make sure you take the right steps after your training to ensure you get the best results.

Receiving your Licence

As soon as you pass your training, you can apply for your SIA licence. You do not need to wait for the certificate to be sent to you, you simply need the result of the exam. Results usually take about five working days to be released, and the certificate takes two weeks. 

To apply for the licence, you need to fill in an online application form and be able to provide proof of identity and address to your local post office. Here, they will check your documents and take a photo of you, a signature and the licence fee. It usually takes 25 working days for an application to be completed and a card sent out.

What to do next

Make sure you have your new qualification displayed on your CV, on a document that is clearly formatted and showcases your skillset. You can find some helpful advice about creating your CV in this blog post. Once you’ve perfected your CV, you need to start looking for employment. 

It’s really important to stay by the phone and on top of emails when applying for jobs, so you don’t miss that all important phone call or email offering you an interview. If you train with Training Circle, this hassle is dealt with for you. Any candidate trained with us is guaranteed an interview with one of the leading Security companies that we have recently partnered with, putting you one step ahead on the road to employment.

If you are still yet to undertake SIA training, then why not take your course with Training Circle? We offer high-quality training packages, can help you fill in your online application after you’ve passed and can guarantee you an interview. For more information, please give us a ring on 0203 011 5566 or you can request a call back here.