How to check the progress of your SIA licence application

It can be frustrating after you’ve submitted your SIA licence application and not heard back from them for a while. Here, we outline what the SIA are checking after they receive your application, how long you can expect to wait and how you can get hold of them if you’d like to check on the progress.

SIA system

As soon as the SIA receive your application, you are entered onto their system. They aim to deal with 80% of applications within 25 working days. However, if you have filled in your form incorrectly or not supplied the correct supporting documents, the application will be sent back to you and they will delay taking payment. The 25 days will restart once you’ve corrected your mistakes and sent it back.

Preliminary checks

When the SIA first receive your application, there are several preliminary checks that they carry out. Firstly, you must be 18 to apply for a licence. They next undertake criminality checks. If you have a criminal record, you must inform the SIA with your application. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean you will be denied a licence, but you must state this clearly so they can judge whether your offence will affect the outcome. In some cases, the SIA will also look for information regarding your right to work in the UK, or your mental health status.

Training check

The SIA then look at your supporting documentation to see whether you have undertaken the correct training and passed. This is why it’s really important to include all relevant documents about your training details and results with your application.

Status checker

You can use the SIA status checker for a quick update as to where your application is in the process. This will tell you whether they have made a decision yet, or if they’ve sent an incomplete application back to you for your adjustments. 

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