Do you need an SIA licence to be a supermarket security guard?

SIA licences are required for most job roles throughout the security sector -this includes working as a security guard for supermarkets and shops. An SIA licence will not only ensure you are working legally, but training will aid the job role and better prepare you for the industry.

Front line job role

Although working in a supermarket may not seem as high risk as working as a door supervisor for a nightlife venue, it is still a front line job role that requires a readiness for any situation. With an SIA badge, you can show the public that you are licensed operative that has an awareness of the law in the private security industry. 

Health and safety

Health and safety measures need to be in place in supermarkets, and a supermarket security guard needs to be able to implement them effectively. SIA training has specific modules dedicated to health and safety to make sure that you are able to identify any risk and minimise this risk within an appropriate time frame.

Fire safety awareness and emergency procedures

At busy periods, supermarkets can be extremely busy. In this situation, SIA trained operatives need to know the procedure for emergencies and fires. In a time of need, customers will be looking to you for help and guidance, and to be able to lead the way to safety.

Defusing conflict

Should there be any kind of conflict or crime, security guards must know the steps to take to defuse the situation and reduce the risk to yourself and other members of the public. Conflict management modules in SIA training makes sure that supermarket security guards use the correct communication skills and customer care in order to resolve conflict. 

Supermarket security guards can’t work legally or efficiently without an SIA licence. If you’re interested in getting a badge, Training Circle deliver high quality SIA training courses that you can take either on the weekends, evenings, or mid-week. For more information or to book your place now, please ring us on 0203 011 55 66 or you can request a call back here.