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Do I need to take Upskilling Physical Intervention separately to my Door Supervisor course?

Upskilling Physical Intervention is training that ensures you have the necessary skills when it comes to using self-defence and reasonable force as a door supervisor. The course outlines the requirement to use non-physical skills first in order to calm a situation, and then how to assess it before using physical force as a last resort. 

Understanding the implications of using physical intervention, and when you may have to use it to control workplace violence, allows you to fulfil your job role to the best of your ability. So how do you get trained?

Changes in the course

Changes made by the SIA in 2010 mean that Door Supervisor courses include a Physical Intervention training module. So if you’re thinking of undertaking your training now, you won’t have to do two separate courses. This means that now is the best time to get yourself SIA trained, as the course better prepares you for every aspect of the job role without having to take an extra course.

Trained before 2010

If you undertook your training before June 2010, you will not have had Physical Intervention training and will need to take this course separately before you attempt to renew your licence. The SIA regulations state that you must have had Upskilling training to be qualified as a door supervisor, so any applications to renew your licence without the necessary training will be rejected.

Training Circle offer high-quality SIA door supervisor training, that covers Physical Intervention extensively. Plus, if you undertake your training with us, you are guaranteed an interview with one of our leading security partner companies. We also offer a separate Upskilling course for those looking to renew or upskill their SIA licence.

For more information on our courses, please give us a ring on 0203 011 5566 or you can request a call back.