Recent changes to the CRO card

The CRO card, or Construction Related Occupation card, was introduced ten years ago. It was designed with the intention to provide evidence of a qualification for working in a construction related job role where there were no other nationally recognised qualifications. Because of this, it has covered a broad range of occupations in the industry.


The Green Labourer CSCS card is a much more targeted qualification for labourers in the construction field, specifically showcasing a particular set of skills and knowledge that better prepares construction workers for the job role.
It has been found that since the introduction of the CSCS card, site workers have been bypassing the necessary qualifications and getting a CRO card instead, as a quicker option. Because of this, CSCS have decided that the CRO card is ‘no longer fit for purpose’.

Changes to CRO

As of the 1st October, CSCS will begin the withdrawal of the CRO card. Any CRO cards issued from the 1st October, will expire on 30th September 2017 and you will not be able to renew it. Before your CRO card expires, you will need to register for a recognised construction related qualification or undertake the necessary training, to prove that you have the capability to work in the industry.

Once you have registered this with CSCS, you will be able to apply for a Green Labourers card. The CSCS are currently working on developing new qualifications so, if your occupation does not have a recognised qualification to be awarded, it will do soon.

Why you shouldn’t wait for your CRO card to expire

The CRO card has gained a reputation for being an easy route to gaining employment as a labourer. If you want to show a future employer that you have advanced knowledge of health and safety requirements at work, or how to handle equipment safely, you should get your CSCS card now. 

If you need to update your qualification or further improve your range of health and safety skills, Training Circle offer all-inclusive CSCS training courses in London so you can apply for your Green Labourers card straight away. For more information or to book your place now, give us a ring on 0203 011 55 66 or you can request a call back.