How to check the progress of your CSCS card application

After you’ve completed all your CSCS training, and applied for your Green Labourers card, it can be a nervous wait until the application is accepted. Depending on how you applied for your CSCS card, there are several ways to check on the application and see how far away your licence is from being delivered to you.

Email Application

If your card application required evidence of your qualifications and training, you should have emailed these over to the CSCS at and then followed up with a phone call within five working days. The CSCS email system automatically deletes emails after five days, so if you have waited too long to call and check, you may have to re-email them before you phone. 

On the phone, CSCS can confirm whether your application has been accepted or not. The card is then sent out on the next working day. If you have waited more than ten working days for your card to arrive, the CSCS advise to ring their Helpdesk on 0344 994 4777.

Phone Application

The CSCS team, on the phone, will tell you whether your application has gone through and you should expect your CSCS licence within ten working days. If you have waited longer than this, please ring the CSCS Helpdesk.

Post Application

For those that downloaded an application form, and then sent it in the post, can expect to wait a bit longer. You should have also sent evidence of qualifications and the payment for the licence in the same envelope. A response to post applications is expected within the calendar month. If accepted, you will be sent your CSCS card within this time. If you have not received anything from the CSCS in 30 days, contact their Helpdesk.

Employer Application

Your employer may have applied for you and other employees in one joint application. This can take up to 30 working days to process, because of the multiple applications at once. You should contact your employer if you have waited longer than this, and they can contact the Helpdesk to follow up.

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