Do I always need my CSCS card with me when I work?

When working as a labourer, will you need your CSCS card on you at all times, or will you only need to show it to your employer on your first day of work?

A CSCS card shows that you have taken the required training and passed the relevant exams to work efficiently and safely on a construction site. Owning a valid CSCS card means that you can work on a construction site in the UK, but do you always need to have your card on you? From job searching to working onsite, here’s when you’ll need to present your CSCS card.


Whether it’s a formal interview, or a quick chat about your qualifications, it is a good idea to have your CSCS card ready to present to your potential employer during an interview. You will be unable to become employed if you don’t have a CSCS card, so you having your Green Labourers card ready to show can eliminate any doubt of your eligibility to work.

First day

If you are successfully employed, then you will need to show your CSCS card on your first day of work so that employment paperwork can be filled out. Your chipped CSCS card is likely to be scanned using a card reader or a tablet or mobile device. This shows employers details about you, the qualifications you hold, and the expiry date of the card.


If your employer is using the CSCS Time and Attendance App, then you will need to have your card on you every day. Your CSCS card can be used to swipe you in and out of work to show when you are onsite. This allows your employer to track the hours you’ve worked and know who is onsite, which benefits site safety.

Regardless of how your employer tracks time, it is always beneficial to have your CSCS card with you when at work.

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