Can I use my first aid certificate in different employments?

Being qualified to undertake basic life support, assess dangerous situations and manage incidents can be really useful for working in any industry. It provides you an extra level of preparation when an incident occurs and can be the difference between life and death. Because of this, having an Emergency First Aid at Work certificate really boosts your CV and general skillset, making you an ideal employee.

Gaining a certificate with your current employment    

Employers often pay for their employees to undertake the course, to ensure that their workplace has optimal safety measures in place should an accident occur and to comply with First Aid standards. If your employer arranges your First Aid at Work certificate, it is their responsibility to ensure that it remains in date and is updated when it needs to be. 

Regardless of whether your employment has paid for the certificate or not, your qualification stays with you. The certificate is valid for three years, meaning you can swap job roles and the qualification will still be valid. However, your new employer may want you to retake the certificate, to be sure that is up to date with the regulations or to upgrade your certificate to a First Aid at Work qualification.

Gaining a certificate personally

If you undertake a course privately, and not with employment, your certificate can also be moved between different job roles. This allows you to be a competent first aider in any workplace, and increases your chances of employment in the construction industry.

If you’d like to improve your CV and undertake a First Aid course, giving you transferrable skills for any walk of life, then Training Circle can help. We offer high quality First Aid training, as well as CSCS training courses, that can be booked individually or in groups. For more information, please call 0203 011 5566 or you can request a call back.