BBC Newsnight uncovers CSCS card training fraud

A recent secret investigation carried out by BBC London and Newsnight has shown that a number of London training centres are allowing individuals to fraudulently acquire CSCS cards.

Covert footage aired on Newsnight on Wednesday the 21st October shows a number of trainers helping individuals cheat their way to receiving a CSCS card. Secret filming shows trainers reading correct answers aloud, sitting exams on behalf of candidates, and failing to provide essential training.

CSCS and CITB are already taking action on the fraudulent activity, with CITB and the British Safety Council having already withdrawn accreditation from the training providers exposed in the filming. Cards and test results obtained from the named training centres have been revoked and individuals will be required to retake the tests. CSCS also plan to meet with all Awarding Organisations to review auditing procedures.   

Importance of training

The construction industry is the most dangerous sector in the UK, with statistics showing that 221 workers died because of onsite incidents in the last five years. The introduction of more standardised training, exams, and chipped CSCS cards have helped improve the working practices of the construction industry.

Undergoing training and passing examinations does not only mean that you are qualified to work on a construction site, but also teaches you the vital skills needed to work safely, reducing the risk of incidents and loss of life.

Attending training sessions means that you will have an understanding of the risks you face in the working environment.

Make sure that you work safely and legally by completing licence linked training and receiving a CSCS card before applying for work in the construction industry. Training Circle’s CSCS Training Course Package includes training, exams, and your Green Labourers Card so that you are prepared to work in the industry. For more information about our CSCS training courses, or to book your training, please call us on 0203 011 5566.