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  • Great instructor and excellent learning environment. Have recommended over 5 friends and all of them have had the same experience. Honest & trustworthy company.
  • By
    CCTV Attendee
  • Madison Brown, Essex
  • The training was wonderful and the physical intervention aspect was brilliant. Trainer was extremely professional and got my result within 5 days.
  • By
    Group Director
  • Leslie Grey, London
  • We have been clients with The Training Circle for over a year now using their SIA courses. Managers and trainers are all helpful and extremely professional.
  • By
    London Bridge Participant
  • Paul Wilks, London

Why choose us:


  • Highest pass rate


  • Course material


  • Job opportunities


  • Book 2 SIA training courses and receive 5% discount


  • Refer a friend and get a 5% discount


  • Check your SIA results online, by phone with free text notification


  • Checking of SIA License and SIA badge application form


  • SIA approved security training


  • 15+ years experienced trainers




  • Weekday and weekend training


  • SIA door supervisor training, security guard training, CCTV training, SIA upskilling, door supervisor top up and first aid training  across various locations in London, Essex, Manchester and Birmingham



The Training Circle UK specialise in SIA licence training courses in venues across UK and are one of the most established security training companies in the U.K. 


We believe our reputation and success is based on delivery of our objectives of providing not just the necessary skills for career development, but we will go above and beyond to give some of the best quality in our industry.  Check out some of our testimonials and reviews from previous trainees who have attended our courses around our site, or see our portfolio of clients on our About Us page.

The Training Circle UK prides itself as helping people back to work, by being a sub-contractor for various Prime and Sub-contractor organisations, working with the unemployed through Government programmes including: Flexible New Deal, New Deal, Response to Redundancy, Pathways and the DWP's Work Programme. Additionally, we are perhaps one of the only company to have provided security training to all major security companies in UK including G4S, Corps, Securicor, Mitie, VSG and OCS.

You know that you can trust high quality training services, as our courses are accredited and recognised by industry supervisory agencies, such as:

  • Trident Awards; and
  • EDI Plc.


We offer flexible training services and regularly host security seminars and workshops for local business owners and individuals in the security sector.   Ask us how we might best support your security training needs and what packages we can offer to suit your business requirements and budget.

SIA License Training Courses


At The Training Circle UK, we take considerable pride in our SIA security training; we offer only the most up to date courses available on the market, so you can be assured that the training we offer will be relevant and compliant with the Security Industry Authority’s latest standards.  


Our Security Courses:


  • Door Supervisor plus Physical Intervention
  • CCTV Operations plus Report Writing and Radio Use
  • Physical Intervention and Safety Awareness – Up-skilling Door Supervisor
  • Security Guard Training
  • Advanced Physical Intervention and Handcuffing


Additional Courses:


  • Health and Safety Training
  • Food Safety Training
  • First Aid
  • CSCS – Construction Skills Certificate Scheme Training and Test Card


Special Offer - Course Packages (telephone booking only):

  • Door Supervisor and First Aid - £185 booked in advance
  • CCTV Operations and First Aid - £205 booked in advance
  • CCTV Operations + Door Supervisor and First Aid - £335 booked in advance
Where Do SIA Training Courses Take Place?


We can deliver any of our security licence and our other courses at a location convenient to your company.  Contact us if you are looking to have staff trained at your business premises and ask about discounts that may apply. Our regular courses take place at the below venues:

Courses Available:

Door Supervisor

SIA Door Supervisor Training

London Southwark

London Hounslow


Chelmsford  Essex


  Manchester / Birmingham  

CCTV Training

SIA CCTV Training

London Southwark

Book Any Location

Chelmsford / Essex

HSE First Aid

First Aid Appointed

All locations

Book now

Physical Intervention

SIA Top up / PI Upskilling

All locations

Book Now



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SIA Licensing

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The legislation for working in the security industry has altered drastically in recent years, making proper SIA training vital for anyone that wants to have such a role. You need to be fully qualified if you want to progress and it’s essential that you get the best SIA or CCTV training possible, and that’s why you need to see the type of SIA courses that we have available.

Be fully qualified with SIA training

Comprehensive SIA training courses will ensure that you’re totally prepared for work in the security industry, whether you want to be a door supervisor, security guard or anything else, and you’ll have the qualifications to prove it. You’ll be learning everything from the legal obligations surrounding the area to conflict management and escorting techniques, and once the course is complete you’ll be able to obtain your SIA licence to get you that job.

The demands of the industry and the legality surrounding it means that you’ll need to achieve your SIA licence through a recognised security training course before you can even attempt to get a role. It’s essential that you go on a certified SIA training course that can offer proven results and a fantastic service, and if you’re looking for the best way to get your SIA license you need to see what we’ve got to offer.

Get your SIA license with The Training Circle

We’re able to offer comprehensive security training courses to get you that much-needed SIA licence, giving you the necessary experience and qualifications to succeed at your job. You’ll be taken through a number of different modules to ensure you’ll be completely prepared for your role in the security industry, covering every possible aspect of the job and giving you security training that’s as comprehensive as possible. You’ll be able to get your SIA license in as little as 3 days, ensuring quick turnaround and quality SIA training at every step of the way.

CCTV training from the experts

Another important aspect of the security industry is CCTV, and if you want to operate such systems effectively you’ll need to have comprehensive CCTV training as part of your security training requirements. With the help of such courses you’ll be able to get your licence so you can work in the surveillance industry, with units covering all related areas including the basics of the private security industry, communication skills, legislation and surveillance techniques, and again it’s essential that you get such security training from the experts. We’re able to provide top-quality CCTV training to get you the qualifications that you need, with experienced tutors and all the help necessary to ensure you succeed.

Why come to us for SIA or CCTV training?

Here at The Training Circle we’re proud to be one of the leading security training providers in the industry. We can provide SIA training courses, workshops and seminars at locations throughout the UK, helping people get the coveted SIA licence. We work with individual and corporate clients and can tailor our SIA training courses to meet your precise needs, with both private and public training courses being available. And, we operate on a no pass, no fee policy so there’s absolutely no risk to you – if you don’t pass or leave the course with your SIA license, you don’t pay.

Our SIA training courses use a combination of theory and practical sessions to ensure you get the most from your time there, giving you the best chance possible of achieving your SIA license and giving you the confidence to succeed in your chosen role. We use the latest technology and our trainers are professionals in the industry, so when you come to us for SIA or CCTV training you can be confident in getting practical knowledge and advice from people that have been there. We can tailor all of our security training courses to your own unique needs as well as the current environment, making sure you get that SIA license to achieve your career goals.

So, if you’re looking for quality security training courses to help you get that SIA license, you know where to come. Here at The Training Circle you’ll be able to find cost-effective and fully comprehensive courses and workshops to give you the best chance of success, and with plenty of locations, experienced trainers and tailored courses you can be sure you’re getting the best. Get in touch today and we’ll gladly discuss your needs, getting you well on your way to achieving that SIA license.